Auto Glass for Glasses

Get Clarity, Give Clarity

Once again Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass, with the help of Canadian Vision Care, will be donating a pair of glasses for every windshield brought in to be replaced during the month of September.

1 Windshield = 1 Pair of Glasses

It’s That Simple

We know how important a clear view through your auto glass is – but it is even more important to have clear vision. So we decided during the month of September that for every windshield sold*, we will donate enough money to buy a pair of glasses for someone in need. Windshield Surgeons has been providing our customers with a safe, clear view through their windshields since 1989. We feel so grateful for all the support we’ve received over the years and have been looking for a way to give something back.

To accomplish this, we chose to team up with Canadian Vision Care; a great local charity that has been providing eye care to those who are unable to afford it for over 35 years.  CVC is run entirely by volunteers, which means all their donations go directly to the people who need it.

Thanks to everyone who chose Windshield Surgeons last September, over 2400 people were able to receive free eye exams and glasses in the Philippines, Tanzania, and Jamaica. This year, we want your help to do it again. We hope that you will join us in our efforts to make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most.

A note from a member of the Windshield Surgeons team:

It became apparent early in the life of our daughter that she needed glasses. It was just little things that kept happening that made us decide to take her in to have her eyes looked at.

I think our most prevalent memory after she got glasses is watching her prance around the house excitedly looking at her feet. She kicked them out in front of her as she walked and was laughing and just enjoying her new discovery. Unlike many, our story has an idyllic ending because since then, through the efforts of our optometrist and our daughter’s tenacity to adapt, she has grown out of the need for glasses.

However, it made me realize how terrible I would have felt as a parent if my child couldn’t see clearly and I couldn’t get her help. We take for granted something as commonplace as a pair of glasses but they can make such an incredible difference to someone who needs them.

Everyone is someone’s child and glasses are not a new piece of technology. There really isn’t any reason we can’t make sure everyone who needs a basic pair of glasses to live a productive life can’t get them. I’m glad to support this initiative and make some lives so much better.

*All windshields sold to retail and insurance customers during the month of September 2018 are included in this program. Established corporate fleet vehicle account services are under separate contract and do not qualify. So if you are a regular customer (not a corporate entity under contract) and you get a windshield replaced, it will count and a glasses donation will be made because of your purchase.

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