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About Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass

Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass, under the direction of Russ Lang, opened its doors for the first time in 1989. It has been growing ever since.

Windshield Surgeons is built upon a foundation of family values. We are committed to providing a place where customers and employees can come and be treated with respect and dignity. As a customer, you have an auto glass problem that needs fixing. We are here to be the solution. You can see the difference between a family owned and operated business and a large corporation. What you will find here is a warm and welcoming atmosphere whether you are walking through our doors for the first time, or the hundredth time.

Most of the advertising for Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass has always been by word of mouth. We believe in giving you the best service possible and ask that when we not only meet but also exceed your expectations, that you will pass the word on to your friends and family. We have never stopped growing from the day we first opened our doors. This is a testament to the fact that thousands of people before you have loved the services we provide, the friendly treatment they received and of course, our unbeatable glass pricing. For any of your auto glass needs, think of Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass!

Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass’ Commitment to the Environment

Although many of the dynamics of the auto glass industry resist green initiatives, Windshield Surgeons is committed to the ongoing vision of finding new ways to operate environmentally conscientious.

Environmental steps that we have taken to date:

  • Instituted a paper reductive infrastructure leaving only a single internal process, and customer invoices, that still require paper.
  • Equipped our mobile services vehicles with efficient generators to provide on-demand power reducing the requirement of an idling commercial vehicle.
  • Begun a green lighting conversion project to replace traditional bulbs and fixtures with efficient LED solutions.
  • Added a vehicle monitoring system to our entire fleet that encourages safe driving, promotes conservative fuel practices, and remotely identifies issues with vehicles that could increase emissions.

We believe that small consistent efforts of all businesses and people will result in the greatest change. Windshield Surgeons will continue to seek opportunities to improve and we encourage everyone to do likewise.

Want to join the Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass team? We are always looking for great people to join our team from office staff to glass installers. Therefore, for Career opportunities click here.

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