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Claiming Your Windshield Repair, or Replacement, Through Car Insurance

Depending on the damage acquired on your glass, there is a chance that the repair or replacement may be covered under insurance. Not many people in Alberta have glass coverage because of how inexpensive replacements are in this province but it doesn’t hurt to check! Policies can cover different services from windshield replacement, side and back glass replacement, windshield repair, windshield wipers, and more.

What many don’t realize is just how simple the process of filing a claim is. There are only a few quick steps to the claims process, and we are happy to help you along the way.

We Will Also Help Pay Your Deductible!

What are the steps to filing an auto glass insurance claim?

  1. Call your insurance company. Confirm that you are eligible for a windshield replacement, or repair, and what exactly you have coverage on.
  2. Find out how much your deductible is.
  3. Phone us with your claim number and book the replacement.

Auto Glass Insurance Tips:

  1. It is mandatory that you phone and file the insurance claim yourself, we cannot do it for you.
  2. We will help you with some or all of your deductible (we can pay up to $150).
  3. Depending on the glass and how much your deductible is, it may be cheaper to pay cash than to go through insurance.

Required Information for Fleet Cards

There is a slightly different process for fleet card vehicles, but it’s all just about getting the information. We call the insurance company, give them all the information, and they will approve or decline the claim. What we will need from you are the following:

  • Vin Number
  • Service Card
  • Mileage
  • Unit Number

One final piece of advice, if you ever aren’t sure what to do or how something works, give us a call. We are here to help. Our quoting team handles approvals all the time and knows what to do.

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