Auto Glass Quote & Scheduling

The easiest way to learn about the cost of your auto glass replacement or repair online.

Please select a service and follow the prompts:

Our premium quote tool is designed to help you identify which exact service and product you need and provide an accurate estimate of it’s cost. This will include several questions about your vehicle.

Once you complete the process, you will receive one of 3 possible results.

  1. Most commonly, you will receive an exact quote for your request.
  2. If the service requires a part that is not in stock currently, you will instead receive a notice that your part is “special order” and that we will contact you once we source it (delayed quote).
  3. If your vehicle has a known complexity to installation and requires a little extra explanation, you will receive a “human interaction required” message and we will contact you to explain as soon as we can (delayed quote).

If at any time you aren’t confident in selecting an option, don’t worry, we reach out to all quote requests, including incomplete requests, via phone and/or SMS to assist users in any way we can.


Alberta’s leading experts of Auto Glass and ADAS Safety System Calibrations look forward to making your experience simple and convenient!

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