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Windshield Surgeons offers affordable, convenient, and professional windshield repair and replacement services. All of our work is done to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s safety standards.

Friendly professional service

Windshields replaced in about 1 hour

Highest quality workmanship by certified technicians

Best Price

Convenient locations

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Glass Replacement and Repair Servicesthat stand out for their quality

Windshield Replacement

Front windshield replacements with Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass are provided by the trained auto glass professionals with the exact procedures and the highest grade products providing you with both convenience and safety.

Our replacement process

  • Prepare your car before we begin working
  • Remove the damaged windshield from your vehicle
  • Clean the original urethane adhesive off the metal frame of the vehicle
  • Apply primer to the freshly cleaned metal
  • Run a “bead” of the heated urethane adhesive onto the primer
  • Install the new windshield
  • Clean vehicle and area

The installation time from start to finish is approximately 1 hour (with some exceptions).

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Windshield Repair

Windshield repair can save you from needing a windshield replacement. All rock chip repairs are backed by our lifetime warranty. Have your car windshield fixed right away.

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Our windshield repair process

  • Remove debris from the damage site, preparing it for repair
  • Inject high strength resin to seal and close damage area
  • If necessary, drill with a miniature carbide drill bit to access the damage area
  • Solidify and set the resin under ultra violet lighting
  • Clean off the repaired windshield

Your windshield is now safe and secure! It is guaranteed not to crack from the point we repaired.

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Our Replacement Guarantee

Though highly uncommon, if you experience any problems from a replacement you received from us, we offer you the following guarantee:

  • Windshield Surgeons offers a lifetime guarantee against any defects caused by our workmanship including wind noise or leakage
  • We guarantee against any auto glass manufacturer’s defects
  • The warranty on auto glass manufacturer distortions or imperfections applies for 30 days from installation.
  • Our guarantee does not include damage due to vandalism, accidents, theft, incidental wear and tear (i.e. rock chips), or vehicle body deterioration (rust).

Our Repair Guarantee

In the rare event that a crack develops from the point where we performed our repair process you have our 3 choice rock chip repair guarantee:

  • Choice #1: We will repair the damaged area again for you, with the same guarantee applying.
  • Choice #2: We will apply the cost of the original repair to our best retail sale price on a new replacement windshield.
  • Choice #3: We will refund 100% of your money for the repair.

More Than Just Windshield Repairs and Replacements

Not only do we provide auto glass repair and replacements. We also offer other products and services to ensure your safety on the road.

Are you finding it a little difficult to see clearly through your windshield, but don’t need a replacement? Perhaps all you need are new wiper blades to properly clean your glass. We have wipers that are the best combination of quality and price. We will help you to find the perfect fit for your vehicle and you can relax while we happily install the new wipers for you.

On top of that, we offer a nano-coating that effectively repels rain, sleet, snow, tree sap, helps with frost, and more from your windshield. You will be amazed at the drastic difference it will make in your night driving visibility. Rain will blow right off, ice will be easier to scrape than ever. This will all work to increase the lifespan of your windshield wipers.

If you are looking for a quick cleaning option on the go then ask any of our employees about our Windshield Surgeons glass cleaner. The cleaner we sell is the very same cleaner that is used every day by the professionals in our shops. In our experience, it is the best glass cleaner in existence.  It is a foam spray that can be left in your vehicle for easy on the go usage. A single bottle can be enough to provide a family with years of use.

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