How to Avoid and Prevent Rock Chips

How to Avoid and Prevent Rock Chips

Rock chips and cracks on windshields are most common in areas of the world that use rocks to add traction to slippery roads. Most rock chips and small cracks can be repaired after, but it is still better to not obtain damage at all. Here are some tips on how to avoid rock chips in your windshield. Keeping a few simple tips in mind will help protect your windshield investment.

Dual Truck Tires


If two tires can kick up a rock and make you need a repair, four tires will do it twice as often. If you find yourself following or beside a vehicle with four rear tires, try to change lanes.

Missing Mud Flaps on Semi Truck

Mud Flaps

Vehicles with larger wheels usually have mud flaps. This is a requirement on semi and dump trucks for a very important reason. Large wheels not only throw  more rocks but they also throw them further. However, not all vehicles that should have flaps do, and sometimes the flaps they have are ripped. Try to stay away from these, they will break your windshield! (Please note that not even mud flaps completely protect you).

Safe Distance Example to Avoid Rock Chips


This one is simple, if you tailgate then more rocks will hit and chip your windshield. A larger space between you, and the vehicle in front of you, gives rocks more time to fall before you get there and is a great way to protect your glass. Not tailgating is a very good idea for other reasons as well.

Common Sense – Avoid Rock Chips

Just look around you and see if there is anything that could crack your windshield.

  • If you see a semi truck pulling off a gravel road then avoid it.
  • If the grater just put gravel down then slow down and put more space between you and the next vehicle.
  • And last but not least, if you do get a rock chip or crack, come on in to any of the Windshield Surgeons locations so we can repair it for you and save you the cost of a whole new windshield.

Please remember, no amount of advice can ever completely stop you from getting damaged glass. These are just suggestions to reduce your probability of getting hit. This is great since less rock chips in your windshield also means less rocks hitting your paint.

Thank you and drive safe!

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