Quality & Safety: The Windshield Surgeons Commitment

At Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass we use all the proper products to ensure a quality installation, providing safety to you and protecting your vehicle. The welfare of you and your family is our first priority! See below for a list of the steps we take on your vehicle.

The products we use to ensure quality and safety:


Car Window Seam

We use quick curing, oven heated urethane adhesive that has approximately 550lbs per square inch of tensile strength – a single square inch is enough to hold over 2 full size adults!

Our urethane is exclusively Sika brand, which is the only brand accepted by the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) council as safe and reliable. Only a small number of companies in Alberta actually comply with this safety guideline so it is a good idea to inquire with your local shop about what they use.

We at Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass believe that no windshield can honorably be installed without urethane that holds to these high standards and allows for a quick safe drive away time. This allows us to serve you better with one-hour appointments while still maintaining safe, quality work. Click here to see the full article on the importance of the urethane adhesive.


Sika Primer-3n

Primer is applied to the metal frame that the urethane adhesive and windshield sit. It is incredibly important to protect this frame from rust and damage. Otherwise, leaks, and in extreme cases, full compromising of an installation and roof structure can occur. We frequently see vehicles come in with rust-rotted frames that could have been prevented had they been installed by someone who cared the first time. Primer is specifically formulated to be applied to the ‘out of sight’ areas and protect the metal frame from rust and other weather damage.


Sika Activator Pro Pads

Without proper use of activator on clean glass, your installation will most likely fail in some way.It is applied to the area where the urethane will touch the glass to allow it to adhere to such a smooth surface. It enhances the bonding surface of the windshield and activates the urethane on contact; this ensures that if there is an impact, the windshield will remain in place, keeping you and everyone else in the vehicle safe.

The importance of proper auto glass installation

When a windshield is installed correctly, it will hold and complete the structure of the vehicle in the event of an accident. If it is installed incorrectly, it may pop out under pressure and will not maintain the integrity of the vehicle in a rolling accident.

Diagrams of these incidents can be seen below:

Air Bag Diagram
Passenger Retention
Vehicle Rollover

Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass uses quality products and our employees are trained technicians in order to ensure a proper installation is achieved every time.

The following images show a correctly installed windshield following a collision with a deer. The windshield remained completely attached to its frame as it is designed to with a proper installation.

Smashed Windshield Exterior
Smashed Windshield Interior

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