Windshield Nano Coating

The Nano Coating bonds with your glass to make the surface extremely smooth and repellent of foreign substances. This effect is seen mostly in situations related to liquid like rain, sleet, snow, tree sap, and bugs. It even resists frost from holding firm to the glass when it forms.

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Tobi P.

“I have it on my car and it is truly awesome!!!!”

Windshield Replacement Process Step 1

1) Water beads together and falls or blows right off.

  • Safer driving, especially when passing large vehicles.
  • Increases lifespan of the windshield wipers.

Marissa H.

“I am OBSESSED with this product. We had it on our road trip down to Utah and while everybody else’s windshield wipers were going crazy, ours were going maybe once every 10 seconds and I could see perfectly fine!! Also, the billion bugs that died all over our windshield swiped right off!! So simple. So beautiful. Get this!!!”

Ice on windshield with no nano coating

2) Most types of frost wipe off with just your windshield wipers and it makes ice easier to scrape off.

  • Reduces time vehicles are left running – save big if you have a large fleet of drivers.
  • Much more likely you can “get in your car and go”.

Dani L.

“Seriously love this stuff on my windshield especially having kids sometimes I forget to wipe the windshield and I am in a hurry and all I had to do was turn on the wipers. This mom approves !”

Bug guts on windshield

(image sourced from https://goo.gl/nwcgQY – a blogspot site)

3) Much easier to clean your windshield, especially with bugs and tree sap.

  • Clean off stubborn substances with a few wipes of a squeegee instead of elbow grease.

Madi L.

“K so this is kinda the coolest thing ever… I have it on my car and I love it!

I took it on a road trip with the coating on and barely needed my wipers in the rain, the water just rolls on off. Plus bugs come off really easy, the rain took them right off with a couple wipes it was amazing.”

Night Glare on windshield

4) Improved visibility at night by reducing glare.

  • Reduces eye fatigue – keeping you comfortable and awake.
  • Especially effective in rain, sleet, or snow, when you need it the most.

Angela M.

My daughter and I already love the nano coating, its amazing!

How Long Does it Last?

It can vary depending on how much wear your windshield receives every day but, for an average user, our tests have shown a single application is good for one year. Wiping frost off with your wipers will be the first benefit to fade, other benefits can last much longer.

Users who drive a lot or wash their vehicle multiple times per week may experience reduced longevity because of added wear but the reduction shouldn’t be more than a few months off the lifespan. Similarly, tests have shown that people who park in a garage and are fair-weather drivers can experience greatly increased lifespan.

How Do I Know it is Time for a Recoating?

Ultimately, it is your decision. When you feel the coating isn’t performing as well as it used to, come on by and get another coating!


Because it is the most difficult task, the first effect to fade is the ability to wipe most types of frost off with your just your windshield wipers. This is one of the reasons that that autumn is a great time to get your coating. It is quite clear that this is happening because you will consistently need to scrape frost off manually.

Water, Bugs, and Tree Sap:

Water is effectively repelled long after frost is not, this is why many users report benefits far in excess of one year. The effect will fade very slowly and it could take years for it to go back to being exactly like an uncoated windshield. So, when you feel like rain isn’t falling off as nice as you’d like, maybe it is time. The same principle is true regarding cleaning annoying substances such as bugs or tree sap off your glass.


Do not apply any other coating products, such as RainX, on top of the Nano coating. If another coating is wiped, or sprayed, on top, it can lead to problems such as wipers skipping, a white ghosting affect behind moving wipers, and other issues. The Nano coating is superior to all other hydrophobic coatings on the market. As such, attempting to apply another coating on top can only hinder performance.

Do I have to do anything?

Just visit us again for a recoating and it’ll work as good as day-1.  We recommend calling for an appointment so we can ensure to get you in right away.

A Pro-Tip for Best Performance:

Over time, the areas of glass outside of your wiper path will eventually start to get debris buildup. This will make it so the edges of your windshield will begin to act as if they weren’t coated anymore. All you need to do to alleviate this is take your vehicle through a car wash to blast off that debris. Once you do, the whole windshield will repel water beautifully again.

Amanda G.

I have the same on mine! soo awesome!!

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