Mirror Replacement

Broken Side View and Rear View Mirrors

Unless you are unlucky enough to have one break, most people think very little about their car mirrors.

If you do have a broken mirror however, this page should help you determine how best to fix it. As always, if you ever have a question about a mirror or anything else automotive glass related, give us a call.


What Types of Damage can be Repaired?

Technically, no damaged mirror can be “repaired”. However, there are different levels of replacement that will depend on what damage you have.

Side View Mirror Replacement

Side view mirrors are the most common mirror to be damaged on a vehicle. It’s exposed and protruding nature make it vulnerable to impact. This is why when you are on tight streets it is advisable to fold down the mirror exposed to the road. Some modern vehicles do this automatically but even if yours doesn’t, you can still do it manually.

In many situations the glass of the side view mirror can be replaced without body work.

There are two types of damage to side view mirrors:

If only the glass has been damaged (see photo above):

Then a local auto glass shop, like Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass, can likely source and replace the mirror for you.

There is still a question of how available your exact mirror will be since some are much less common than others. However, once the mirror is obtained, the installation is relatively simple.

If the plastic body or housing of the mirror has been damaged:

Then it will require full replacement of the mirror assembly. The mirror assembly is everything that sticks out of your vehicle, glass, plastic, and all. They come as a single replacement unit.

If you need a new assembly, there are a couple options. The most likely place to find the part you need is through your local dealership. However, this is often not the least expensive option. If you would like to try and save a few dollars on both the part and installation, you may have more success looking into either aftermarket or auto wrecker parts and have an auto body shop put it on for you. It is up to you to make the cost-benefit analysis on which option is best in this situation.

Rear View Mirror Replacement

Unfortunately, if your rear view mirror is damaged in any way – glass or body – it must be entirely replaced. The glass inside isn’t sold separately.

The good news is that most common vehicle rear view mirrors can be found at auto wreckers as good as new. Or you can go to your local dealership & get a new OEM one for a little more money – whatever you like!

If you need help swapping out your mirror, feel free to visit one of our auto glass shops and we’ll gladly put the new one on for you. It only takes a minute.

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