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How a Windshield is Installed (properly) Full installations starting at only $169 – yes, really $169.Over 2 million Albertans served since 1989. To all of our loyal customers – Thank you, from our families to yours.

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How Much Does a New Windshield Cost?

You may be surprised at how affordable windshield replacement with us is.


Most windshields replacements are around $200 or less (with notable exceptions).


Windshield Surgeons is one Alberta’s largest auto glass service providers. We are also one of Western Canada’s largest glass distributors. This combination allows us to obtain a level of efficiency that most cannot – and we pass those savings on to you. (We know that a lot of companies say that… so feel free to call around for quotes, you’ll see what we mean.)

Our belief is that if we provide a great product, care about the customer, and do it all for an incredible price, we will succeed in the long run. It is no secret why we have serviced well over 2 million vehicles and counting.

While pricing on most vehicles is surprisingly low, like all good things, this isn’t always the case. With modern technology increasingly being integrated with the glass, the industry has greatly changed. Most makes and models now have a series of possible windshields depending on what features the vehicle has. This means that if you have a ‘common’ windshield for that vehicle type, we probably stock it at an incredible price. However, if it is uncommon and/or needs to be shipped in special order, the prices can go up quickly.

For a list and description of Common Auto Glass Features, click here.

As always, the best way to know how much your windshield will cost is to get a Free Quote here.


How a Windshield is Replaced:

Replacement Step 1 - Protect the Car

We inspect your vehicle, especially the area around the glass, for signs of damage you may need to be aware of. This prevents confusion later and allows you to make plans if there are issues, such as rust, that are best dealt with while the glass is out. – We’re Here to Help!

Then we cover sensitive and high traffic areas to ensure the safety of your vehicle. We also remove any obstruction that may be in the way of doing the car windshield replacement.

Replacement Step 2 - Disassemble

Once the vehicle is prepared, we begin by removing any necessary trims, moldings and windshield cowl pieces. Thus allowing access to the adhesive (urethane) holding  your windshield in.

A common misconception is that the molding – cosmetic black rubber trim around the glass – is what holds your windshield in. In fact, moldings are only there to look good. On many modern vehicles they are no longer there at all.

Replacement Step 3 - Cut Urethane

The urethane adhesive that holds your windshield in is then cut with a series of specialty tools.

Most Windshield Surgeons replacements are performed by a team of installers for safety and speed. Keeping your appointment time to a minimum.

Urethane is unlike most other adhesives in strength, bonding, and resilience. Learn more about the Importance of Urethane here.

Replacement Step 4 - Remove Windshield

We then carefully remove your old windshield and ensure it is safely disposed of.

All staff wear metal free leg coverings to ensure the safety of all surfaces of your vehicle.

Replacement Step 5 - Prepare

Using single edge razors, the excess old urethane is carefully peeled back and removed.

We then blow off and clean the adhesion surface area to ensure nothing will interfere with urethane bonding later.

Exposed metal surfaces of the car are then treated with specialized primer that both resists rust and promotes adhesion. This step is the most likely to be skipped by unprofessional installers trying to save on costs. Your vehicle will inevitably experience major rust issues in the future if exposed metal surfaces are not treated with high quality primer.

Replacement Step 6 - (Poly)Urethane

A skilled installer then runs advanced polyurethane (urethane) adhesive on the prepared surface.

Urethane is an advanced adhesive that MUST be used in all windshield replacements. No other adhesive is adequate. There are different grades of urethane that vary in safe-drive-away-time and final hold strength. Quality urethane allows for replacement appointments in around one hour.

If anyone tells you they require the vehicle for multiple hours to “cure safely”, they are using cheap urethane – period. Be careful of this.

Replacement Step 7 - Install

The windshield by this point should have already been cleaned and prepared for placement into the vehicle.

Proper preparation of the glass includes using a product called “Activator”.  This allows the surface of the glass to be properly bonded to. Without it, the adhesive will not hold properly and could result in leaks or the windshield failing in an accident.

Replacement Step 8 - Reassemble & Clean

Once the windshield is securely in place, we begin reassembly and cleaning.

All trims, clips, cowls, and covers are safely returned to their original positions followed by tidying up after our work.

Once everything is complete and it is safe to pull outside, we back it out and present it to you.

Learn more about the products used for the safety of you and your vehicle in windshield replacement.

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