A Guide to Affordable Vision

Eye care doesn't have to break the bank

People Do It Wrong:

There are two main components to eye care for the average person. First, a standard eye exam, and second, glasses or contacts as necessary. Pay special attention to the glasses section, this is where people waste the most money.

Eye Exam:

Eye exams come in a wide variety of prices. However, many qualify to receive them free (anywhere) and everyone qualifies for free on “medical” or “urgent” exams. These are VERY different than a “free” eye exam with the purchase of glasses that you see in malls.

This is a very useful document on coverage in Alberta: https://goo.gl/zs648w

  • Please reference official documentation but this is our understanding.
  • Eye exams for anyone under the age of 19 and 65 or older are covered by Alberta Health.
  • You can have your eyes examined for free anytime if you fit one of the multiple categories of “medical” or “urgent” care services. See linked document for the list.
    If you do not qualify for free eye examinations at an optometrist, you can also receive a free examination at an ophthalmologist although it may not be as easy to get an appointment.

If all the above does not work for you, it is also important to be smart about where you go for an eye exam. They can range drastically in price. However, many places offer exams for $50 or less.

We will also be compiling a list of affordable providers of eye exams shortly. If you know of any, feel free to let us know!

Worst case scenario: $50


This is where people waste the most money. Glasses are available at incredibly low prices but if you go to a local optometrist or box store, you WILL pay too much. Glasses should now cost LESS than an eye exam.

Here is an example of one place to get glasses: http://www.zennioptical.com/

For example on pricing:
-Standard pair of adult glasses: $6.95 USD
-Bifocal pair of adult glasses: $26.95 USD

They are not the only store but they are well known. Many other retails, including Canadian ones, offer the same type of service. Be creative, and whatever you do, don’t walk in and buy a $300 pair of glasses from a small selection thinking that is your only choice.

Price with standard lenses: $20 Canadian shipped to your door

Price with BIFOCAL lenses: $45 Canadian shipped to your door
(shipping doesn’t go up if you order 2 pairs so a second standard pair is only $12)

We hope this guide is of assistance to some of you. If money is tight, please make smart decisions and you can save a large amount.

Wishing you the best!

Please note that we are not experts on eye care. Any advice or opinions contained in this email or accompanying documents are meant as well meaning suggestions only. Neither Windshield Surgeons, it’s ownership, or the author of these documents shall be held liable for any event resulting after this has been released. Any questions regarding to health should be directed toward a professional.

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