COVID-19 Customer Lobby Interaction

Procedures for interactions between staff & customers while inside our lobbies

This video covers procedures related to employee and customer interactions within our lobbies. Please see other videos in the series for additional precautions being taken to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

We, Windshield Surgeons management, expresses our deepest appreciation to staff and customers for their support, diligence, and understanding. It has been humbling to see the cooperative nature of people during this time. Never before have we witnessed such commitment to the welfare of others. Thank you for who you are and what you do.

Below is an abbreviated list of the interaction steps and procedures highlighted in the video. If any other customer interaction precaution is implemented after this video is posted, we will also include it below.

This page is now depreciated. Statements and policies discussed on this page may no longer be in effect. 

Procedures for Staff & Customer Interactions in Lobbies:


  • Front-end staff must wear gloves and face masks.
  • A polite greeting should be given from 6 feet (markings provided on the floor).
  • No physical contact should occur. Every effort to maintain 6 feet of separation should be taken.
  • We are asking customers to only leave 1 key per vehicle.
  • The key should be placed into a Ziploc bag being held open by a staff member.
  • If the key is not a proximity sensor key, the metal portion should be poked out of the bag and sanitized.
  • The key can now be attached with the work order to a clipboard and  handled safely during the service. It should remain in the bag.
  • We are only accepting Credit and Debit payments during this epidemic. Thank you for your understanding of this precautionary measure.
  • The credit card machine should be sanitized after every use.
  • At the conclusion of service, if the key had a metal portion poked through the bag, it should be sanitized again. Then the staff member should flip the bag upside down so the key falls back into the bag fully.
  • The staff member should hold the key using the bag – so it sticks out – while ensuring they don’t touch the key themselves, and allow the customer to take the key. See video for demonstration.
  • Remember, we offer mobile glass replacement services. If any customer would prefer to have their vehicle worked on at home or work instead of coming into our stores, our mobile teams are here for you.
Handing Car Keys

If you have any questions related to our services or how we are keeping staff and customers safe during this time, please view our other videos and give us a call at 1-800-909-9923. We are happy to help!

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