How to Keep Your Windshield in Top Shape

How to Keep your Windshield in Top Shape

A windshield is an investment and an important component of safety for your vehicle. A crystal clear windshield adds value and improves the appearance of your vehicle. We want to help you protect your investment, keeping it in the best shape possible for the longest amount of time. Here are some key windshield care pointers to help you out!

Avoid rock chips

We know it sounds obvious, but avoiding rock chips is the best way to keep your windshield in its great shape and avoid cracked auto glass and a damaged windshield. As a driver, you can be proactive by staying a good distance behind other vehicles when on the road, especially on areas with gravel. Avoid following behind large vehicles or semi trucks with big wheels – especially if they don’t have mud flaps. Check out the Avoiding Rock Chips page to learn more.

Windshield Rock Chip

Repair chips and cracks as soon as possible

In the event you get a rock chip on your windshield, have the damaged repaired as soon as possible. If left, the chip can spread and continue to crack your glass. This can be extremely distracting and repairing a cracks or doing complete windshield replacements are more expensive than filling the initial chip. Damaged glass left over time can also cause additional and unnecessary wear to your windshield wipers. Windshield Surgeons offers quick rock chip repairs at an affordable price. We have multiple locations throughout Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary for your convenience.

Rusty Windshield Wiper

Replace wipers regularly

Manufacturers recommend replacing wipers every 6 months. Winter weather especially wears on your wipers, reducing clarity and functionality. It is also ideal to have a fresh set of wipers before the bad weather hits, as streaks combined with the low winter sun can cause glare for the driver. At minimum, replace wipers once per year. Although many people find wipers work well for a year, they become less reliable over time. When windshield wipers become damaged, cracked, or glass fragments become embedded in them, they can damage your glass by leaving scratches, streaks, and other markings. This can impair vision and become a distraction to drivers. To ensure your windshield is in top condition, it is crucial to keep your wipers maintained. Click here to see the full article on maintaining and replacing windshield wipers.

Windshield Surgeons Nano Coating on Windshield

Have the Windshield Surgeons Nano coating put onto your windshield

Our coating benefits you and your windshield in many ways:

  • Makes removing bugs and tree sap from windshield a breeze
  • Scrape frost from your windshield by simply turning on your windshield wipers.
  • UV protection
  • Repels water, making it significantly easier to see during rainy weather even without turning on your wipers. No longer be blinded while driving by large vehicles on the highway in the rain.

Call or visit for more details or a demonstration. Your windshield is not complete without this coating, it makes your visibility an entirely new experience.

Re-apply the Nano coating every year

Natural wear will eventually reduce the effectiveness of the Nano Coating. It is fully effective for 6 months but in practice has a much longer effect. For best lasting results, have the Nano coating reapplied at least each year. Windshield Surgeons Nano Coatings come with a free re-application; therefore, you get to enjoy the benefits for twice as long!

Clean regularly

Clean with glass cleaner regularly to minimize the amount of scratches on the glass and to optimize wiper effectiveness. Use the Windshield Surgeons Glass Cleaner for an optimum, streak-free clean. If you haven’t tried our glass cleaner yet, you don’t know what you are missing. If you do not have the Nano coating making it easy for you, use a single edge razor blade to remove bugs and debris. With the Nano coating, most debris will come off without the need for the use of a razor blade.

Warranty your new windshield

There is nothing worse than having a brand new windshield and getting a rock chip a month or two later. Warranty your glass for a year with Windshield Surgeons’ Valued Customer Offer. Ask for details when you visit the shop or call in. This offer gives you peace of mind following the purchase of your brand new windshield and a great deal on future service! (Offer is not available on all vehicles, ask us about it today).

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