Windshield Rain Sensor

Windshield Rain Sensor

Rain sensors are a feature on some modern vehicles. A rain sensor is a device attached to the windshield that detects the presence of water on your glass. Therefore allowing your vehicle to turn on and adjust your wipers automatically in different types of weather.

Rain Sensor

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Having the rain sensor feature changes what windshield will be needed during a replacement. The difference between a rain sensor windshield and a standard windshield is that there is a small area (usually behind the rear view mirror) that is blackened out to hid the device. The dark area has a small view port with no tint or shading that allows the sensor to operate.

Regen Rain Sensor

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How Does it Work?

Most commonly a rain sensor consists of an infrared light set at a 45 degree angle to a clear portion of the glass. The “sensor” is a photodiode that sits across from the infrared LED. It measures the extent that light has been reflected versus refracted. When water rests on the glass, it reduces the amount of light reflected and the sensor identifies the difference.  Therefore allowing your vehicle to know if there is water on the glass and how much.

Rain Sensor Diagram

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