Auto Glass Repair Warranty

The Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass Repair Guarantee

Auto Glass Repair Warranty

Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass performs over ten thousand repairs each year using the highest quality tools, products, and training. This allows us to offer an efficient service with the greatest chance of successful windshield repair. Click here to learn more about our Windshield Repair Process.

Unfortunately, even in the most ideal conditions, repairing damaged glass is not always successful. This is going to be the case no matter where you go for your repair, and we are committed to being honest about everything we do.

However, we stand by our work. With our rock chip repair guarantee, you will never waste your money on a Windshield Surgeons Auto Glass repair.

Our rock chip repair guarantee

In the rare event that a crack develops from the point where we performed our repair process you have the following three options to resolve the issue:

  • Option 1 – We will repair the damaged area again for you, with the same guarantee applying.
  • Option 2 – We will apply the cost of your original repair to our best retail sale price on a new replacement windshield.
  • Option 3 – We will refund 100% of your money for the glass repair.


The choice of which option to use will always be yours as a customer. We sincerely hope you will never need to make use of this guarantee, but you can rest easy knowing it is there.

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